How to Leverage Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM Portals

Just this month, Microsoft Dynamics launched their latest version of the Dynamics Portal Capabilities, which include upgrades to features and new functionalities that can help your organization better engage customers and empower your employees.

What is a CRM Portal?

A CRM portal allows you to create an information hub to bridge the connection between partners, customers and your organization. Typically, this is accomplished with a webpage front-end that interacts with only those parts of your CRM system you want external users (people outside of your organization) to access. With a CRM portal, you can create custom branded systems with multiple different security and permissions depending on the user.

What can portals allow your customers, partners and other external users to do?

Dynamics 365 brings a variety of portal capabilities that leverage a sophisticated content management framework, knowledge and case management, opportunity management, membership, profiles, and self-service capabilities.  Typical features for users include the ability to:

  • Update account information
  • Access blogs and other company information
  • Submit support cases
  • Submit orders
  • View support or order information
  • Join discussion forums
  • Sign up for programs or events
  • Receive notifications
  • Set or check calendar appointments
  • Pay bills
  • Enable CSS – Customer Self Service
  • Design a Knowledge Base
  • Leverage advanced search capabilities across the platform, including attachment content of knowledge articles and web files
  • Implement latest GDPR standards


CRM portals provide a medium for people outside your company to engage and collaborate with you in a more meaningful and immediate environment, bolstering existing relationships and creating new ones.

At Xelleration, we have helped our CRM customers with a wide array of portal functionality, which in turn empowers business communication and creates more profitable relationships for our customers.

Contact us today to help you discover how a CRM portal can help your organization.

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