Microsoft Teams to Transform the Collaboration Software Market

Positioned to transform the market for chat and collaboration apps in the workplace, Microsoft Teams provides a highly integrated experience for users compared to other top messaging platforms like Slack, Google Hangouts, and others.

Microsoft Teams is a chat-based workspace where colleagues can come together in a unified digital platform and engage in instant conversations, collaborate on content, design work plans. The best part is the thoughtful integration with your existing Microsoft technologies like SharePoint, One Note, and Outlook.


Microsoft Teams also lets users participate in voice and video meetings, as well as work with Microsoft Office documents. Another feature, Microsoft Graph, enables intelligence to facilitate information relevance, discovery and sharing. Users can create channels to organize conversations by topic. They can also customize channels with Tabs, a feature that provides quick access to frequently used documents and applications. Different Tabs for Office 365 services like OneNote, SharePoint and Planner, or third-party solutions can be created.

Most importantly, Teams supports the Microsoft Bot Framework for bringing intelligent first- and third-party services into the collaborative team environment. Other features that make the newest addition to collaboration software from Microsoft include the following:


Microsoft Teams is flexible and customizable as it aims to bring together chat, meetings, notes and AI, just like Outlook merged email, contacts and calendar. Microsoft Teams accommodates new work styles, works with existing Office 365 deployments and supports widely accepted enterprise security and compliance requirements. 

Microsoft Teams offers features to create different channels based on interest where different workspaces can be dedicated to different projects. Teams' chat feature is available to all members of an organization. It also allows users to establish narrower channels or privately message colleagues.


Video, Audio, Chat and Content

When working from multiple locations, screen sharing, presence, audio and video conferencing features are a must. Microsoft Teams eliminated the need for organizations to use third-party web-conferencing tools since it has audio and video conferencing capabilities.

Seamless integration with Office 365 services

Microsoft Teams is integrated with other Office 365 suite services, such as Skype for Business, OneNote, OneDrive for Business, SharePoint, Power BI, Excel, PowerPoint and Word. A tab bar also lets users pin frequently used software to their channels.

Microsoft Teams is now available in beta to Office 365 enterprise and small business customers, Android, iOS, Windows Phone and as a web app.


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