We work hard to create solutions and products for every industry, from startups to enterprise.


Our tools aim for effective collaboration and simplified business processes that give you the competitive advantage.

Explore some of our fun custom developed software products below. Whether you want to provide feedback on our products, request more information, or find out how we can develop one for you, we'd love to hear from you.


Facilitating CRM teletracking 

Enjoy seamless integration with Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Skype for Business allowing you to route calls based on customer data, deliver customer details to agents, and push data into customer records.


For office sports bracket tournaments

Collaborate and enjoy sports playoffs in a friendly business environment. Predict the outcome of playoff match-ups from any professional sports league and share them on Yammer.


Clean your Yammer feeds of old posts

Feed Sweeper is an easy way to clean up unnecessary posts in the home and group feeds on your social enterprise, Yammer. Our team of developers create extraordinary apps that make using Yammer easy.


Search tweets on certain topics

Tweet Plex is a great tool for searching tweets containing specific keywords. Results of the Twitter search will be compiled in Excel Pivots and may be downloaded via a link sent to the provided email address.


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