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December 20
Facebook Reveals Donate Button to Help Charities, but is There a Security Issue?

Donate Now

This week Facebook announced the roll out of a new feature called Donate, allowing users to contribute directly to nonprofits through Facebook. 19 nonprofit partners will be the first to display the Donate Now button at the top of their Facebook Pages and bottom of their News Feed posts.

Facebook-Donate-Button.png, Boys and Girls Club of America, World Wildlife Fund, UNICEF, the Red Cross, and several other nonprofits are among the first who'll get to try out the new Donate button. Only a handful of organizations were chosen, but Facebook plans to open the feature to additional nonprofits who apply on their website.


This will greatly help nonprofits who were once forced to send donors away from Facebook and their friends. Facebook conveniently added a popup donate button at the top of the user's page which is expected to dramatically increase conversion rates meaning more funds for causes.


Nonprofits will also benefit through Facebook's viral reach when donators share the call for donations with friends. "…With a community of over one billion people on Facebook, every local cause can become a global one — and every global cause can become a personal movement," said Facebook in their recent press release.


Not only will nonprofits have a chance to go viral, but Facebook has promised to cover all credit card processing fees, ensuring that charities receive 100% of the donation. Seems like Facebook is genuinely doing the right thing and is determined to help the causes of these nonprofits. Who would have thought corporations aren't all pure evil?


The Security Question


The only downside to this great new addition is that Facebook will now store your credit card information. A scary thought in this day and age when security breaches and leaks are constantly in the headlines. One workaround is to make sure to remove your credit card information under your payment account settings.


While the donate button is a fantastic addition to any nonprofit's cause, it also indirectly helps Facebook business by storing credit card information in their autofill system, making all purchases much easier. Facebook is itching to catchup with ecommerce giants like Amazon and app store owners like Google and iTunes. With the new Donate Button rollout, it finally gives them an additional edge that Facebook Gifts and in-game purchases never could.


Pure evil? Definitely not, but don't hold your breath for future Facebook announcements making it even easier for advertisers to get into your wallet.

By: Katie Knoll

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