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October 21
3 Reasons to Move SharePoint into the Cloud


SharePoint 2013 Cloud  


1. Same features, less hassle.


A great thing about the cloud enabled SharePoint is that most of the features and capabilities are in tacked, as well as the added bonus that you'll be able to access SharePoint from an extranet connection. Wherever you're going, you can rest assured that you'll still be able to touch base with your team or department via SharePoint and Office 365.

Although you will lose some of the native features of SharePoint using the cloud, you can easily deploy SharePoint 2013 with Windows Azure to get all the same features and functionality that you know and love.

2.  SharePoint is available on your PC, tablet, and smartphone.

With the SharePoint app, you'll never miss a beat when you're on the road. With these mobile capabilities, you'll be able to get more done and have complete to all the documents you need to be productive from virtually anywhere.

3.  Yam it up with Yammer from anywhere.


With SharePoint, you can still easily access your organization's Yammer using in the cloud. If privacy concerns over confidential data are at the top of your list, there's an "opt-out" option designed specifically for you. You can also opt for a hybrid solution to run SharePoint "on-prem" and Yammer in the cloud.


If you're not familiar with Yammer, it's a social media platform made specifically for businesses to promote team collaboration and helps manage your documents. With an easy to use mobile app, you can check out what you team is working on from practically anywhere.

By Ali Kazmi

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